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Thank you all for your readership!

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How to Save Money and Have Celebrity Level Eyebrows: DIY Eyebrow Tinting

I recently wrote a popular piece on why I tint my eyebrows, and guess what, you can tint your eyebrows too!  Here’s my easy DIY eyebrow tinting tutorial.

What you'll need.

What you’ll need.

Okay, to you get started, you need the ingredients doodle above.  Here’ what I use.


Wella Color Touch.


Color Touch 6 Vol. Developer.

You’ll need a two part demi permanent cream color.  That means, that you need a tube of color, as well as a milky white developer that has a volume of 6 or 10.  Anything above that will permenantly tint your brows, which can lead to fading, and ultimately orange brows.

As a licensed cosmetologist, I hold the keys to the Emerald City of professional hair color purchasing, but I’d recommend these color options from the internet…



I mix two colors, a dark brown, and an added blue for intensity.  As a beginning, swatch a hair color that is closest to what your eyebrows look like naturally, or the color of your eyebrow pencil/powder.


Dabs of 2 colors and my collection of Q tips.

You don’t want much color, you’ll just waste it.  Then add developer–just a small dollop. The runnier the color, the more danger it poses buy running into your eye!


Developer added.

Mix ingredients thoroughly with Q tip, and apply liberally to brow.


Start in the center, and work toward the tail.

Remember, you’re applying color near your eye, so don’t leave any excess that could drip.


Clean up outside edges with clean Q tip.

Clean around the edges with a dry Q tip. Don’t add water! Water leads to drips.


Look like a crazy person while the color processes!

It will only take about 10 minutes for color to process. Perfect time for some crazy-eyed selfies.

Remove color with a DRY towel.  I generally use a few paper towels.  Make sure to scrape all color residue out of brows before rinsing.  Then feel free to wash your face normally, and use a little face scrub on any skin that’s colored.

Without vigorous washing, your brow color would fade gradually over 3-4 weeks, and people would constantly wonder why your brows are so on point. The initial color investment will run about $20, but store your color and developer tightly closed in a cool, dark location, and you can keep coloring your brows for a good year or two! Think of all the trips to the esthetician you’ll get to skip, and brow pencils you’ll spare.


Boom. Brow Perfect.

Do you tint your eyebrows? Think you’ll try now?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



How to Revive Summer Hair Like a Pro

Back to school sales have started, and Sharpie highlighters are on every end cap at Target, which can only mean one thing–Summer is winding down.

Before you turn on the waterworks and think back to your days of lounging in the sun like a distant memory, let’s focus on the present.  By that I mean, the present condition of your hair.

Whether you’ve spend your July at the beach, in the pool, with a bottle of Sun In, or achieving the perfect warm weather ombre, the chances are your hair could use some love.

Any and all of the above mentioned activities are literal fun in the sun, but they can wreak serious havoc on your hair.  Let’s get a little sciencey.

Your hair’s outer layer, the cuticle, is built much like the outer layer of a palm tree. (stop thinking about the beaches of Maui.) When the cuticle is health, it lays pretty flat.

Exhibit A:

Note: Rather flat outer layer of hair.

Note: Rather flat outer layer of hair.

However, when your hair partakes in summer fun, the cuticle gets roughed up.  Changes in pH with color, Sun In, and pool chlorine cause cuticle damage, and it no longer lies as flat, or provides the strength your hair once had.

Exhibit Reality:

Nope, not a Christmas tree, that's your hair.

Nope, not a Christmas tree, that’s your hair.

Once your hair has achieve fried status, there’s no REAL going back. Hair is dead, remember?  But to get yourself through the fall with hair as sexy as Blake Lively‘s, it’s time to think seriously about deep conditioning.

Deep conditioner adds both water and oil to the hair, nourishing the interior and exterior–replacing some of the moisture you’ve lost over the sunny months.  It will add celebrity level shine, but the most exciting part is that it will act as a filler, making your cuticle appear flatter.

Exhibit Your Future:

Beads of conditioner stick to the outside of the cuticle, filling the gaps, smoothing the texture for silky smooth hair.

Beads of conditioner stick to the outside of the cuticle, filling the gaps, smoothing the texture for silky smooth hair.

Even better reason to get a deep conditioner?  It will hold in color! Whether you’re a Katy Perry Pastel or a deep ruby red, prevent color fading by sealing it in with deep conditioner.  It’s a win win–and your hair will be grateful.

Looking for the perfect conditioner?  Try these!

Total Beauty’s Top 10 can help you make a choice. 

Or try a great natural option from Etsy!

What’s better than a conditioner that works? One that smells amazing too!

No matter the directions, it’s best to apply conditioner to clean, damp hair, and then let it sit under a shower cap for at least ten minutes.  Then take a selfie.  Because I’m sure you’ll look amazing in a shower cap.

Do you have a favorite deep conditioner?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Morning Oatmeal–The Cleansing Grains Revolution

I’m not quite sure how I missed it.  I am a skin care professional, but somehow the mega trend of sloughing the dead stuff off your face with a combination of clay, grains, fruits, and general trail mix ingredients.

Most likely, it’s the fact that I’m dubious about using food for cosmetic purposes.  You’ll never see me put egg whites in my hair or mushed avocado on my face al la Miley.

Nothing is classy about this face mask…

But, just this once, I’m willing to put my food anxieties aside, because there are some nice ideas behind cleansing grains.

So, what are they?

Cleansing grains are a mash of clay, tea, dry honey, dry milk–and many other mechanical exfolliants than can help buff away dead skin, remove makeup, and soothe skin.

What’s so great about them?

Allergens–No Parabens or Sulfates–as long as you make your own grains and keep out any food allergens, you’re looking at a chemically, gentle cleanser.  If you’re like me and have to avoid the parabens and sulfates (thanks perioral dermatitis!) cleansing grains could be the product of your dreams.

Easy to DIY–Other than ordering some clay, most of the ingredients you can find at the local health food store.

Customizable–Making your own grains means you can adjust ingredients for your skin type. Green Clay, is great for oily skin, Kaolin clay is best for sensitive, and Bentonite is perf for all skin types! Check them out here. Plus, you can sent them to your liking!

Cost Level–Whether your DIYing your grains, buying from Etsy, or getting high end, there are many price points, but are all comprised of high quality ingredients

I’m not sure I’m ready to invest time in a DIY, but will probably get myself some of the lovely options on Etsy.

Have you tried cleansing grains?  What are your thoughts?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Now I just mush this on my face. Yeah?

Now I just mush this on my face. Yeah?

peace. love. and bobby pins.



Diary Inspired: Teenage Sex in the City

Monday, I caught an early glimpse at the premiere of Sundance darling The Diary of a Teenage Girl, which his theaters with a limited release this Friday.

Set on the picturesque streets of 1970’s San Francisco, and based off of the graphic novel of the same name, Diary’s coming of age, sexual awakening storyline, woven together with angst and artful animation touches on on the confusion of a singular connection between beauty, sex, and love.

Here are some beauty lessons, straight from the Diary.

  1. Blunt bangs are sexy, even sexier if they’re awkward.


Nine Ways to Style Blunt Bangs

2. Kohl eyeliner is where it’s at.

Bel shows us how it’s done.


Available here!

3. Farrah Fawcett’s hair will never go out of style.

Farrah would be so proud!

Check out this tutorial.

And nothing is sexier than a beautiful man in drag.

After getting in the 70’s mood, run, don’t walk to see this film, I cannot commend Mari Heller enough on what this influential film means to young women.

Do you have a fave coming of age film for chicks?

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




Foggy SF: The City of Drag, Drugs, and Free Love

Pro Tips for Hiding Your Peeling Face–Or the Reality of Retinol

Pardon Me While I Hide I my Caricature Forever.

Pardon Me While I Hide I my Caricature Forever.

A few weeks ago, I talked the joys and sorrows or Retinol.  Well, friends, the time has come that my new tube of super strength wrinkle bashing Retinol cream has lead to skin peeling.  Now, before you streak in terror, don’t forget that the peeling is a good sign!  It means my skin cells are turning over, and maybe, just maybe after I’m done shedding my summer skin, I’ll be less prematurely aged!

But, until then, I’ve come up with a few tactics to hide the face flaking.


1. Only wear sunglasses to hide the largest part of your face, while still looking totally glam.  Warning–this starts to look awkward/suspicious indoors.

IMG_6826 2. When the glasses do finally come off, reveal some killer white eye liner, which will make people look deep into your eye balls, and spend at time looking at your face wondering why a perfectly normal girl from the burbs is wearing white eyeliner. This is not as issue of W.
IMG_68253. Use your hair to your advantage, and push it all in your face a la Emo Teens and Ringo Starr.  The Less face you can see, the better.

Okay. Okay. I jest.  In reality, to get through these literal rough times, I suggest mild exfoliation, a moisturizing mask, and slapping on some Skin Food for relief.

This too shall pass.

What are your retinol feelings?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



High Brow–Why I Color Color my Brows

I was born with hair on my face that rivaled caricature of a Brooke Shields/Groucho Marks mashup.   We’re talking magnificent heavy, black eyebrows, plastered on an olivey, light haired bundle of joy.

In my toddler years, I was practically blonde, while little black caterpillars sat, expressively above my eyes.  As I got older, my hair darkened, but always remained a good 2 levels of color lighter than my brows.

Naturally, this eventually led to a middle school unibrow that I had no idea how to manicure, as the caterpillars on my face became even larger and fatter, little blobs of hair that had grow into a single strip, like the angry girl on Hey Arnold.

Poor Helga…


See, Helga and I could be twins!

Years later, I learned that darker eye brows actually make a woman look younger, which could explain why my pilates instructor thinks I’m 19, despite the fact that I’m nearing 30 (Also RETINOL).

But, this is all just the brow back story that leads me to run to the preverbal internet rooftops and scream “I Color my Brows, You Should Too!”

It began, in cosmetology school, when a classmate (who’s a higher up at Benefit Cosmetics, and therefore LEGIT) suggested tinting my brows.  They’re so black, I didn’t understand why I should bother. But the transformation was magical…


Before Brow


After Brow

1. I like to add a little blue or purple to the brow for extra intensity.  This compliments my purple/pink/whatever pastel it happens to be today hair.

2. I have at least 2 white eyebrows and I’m under thirty. Please tell no one this secret.

3. Coloring hair changes its texture, often making hair a little finer and more manageable, which is IDEAL for my wicked crazy cornstalk brows.

4. For a while, your skin is tinted, which is essentially the same effect of filling in your brows, but perfect for lazy people who don’t actually care to put makeup on their eyebrows every day.

5. Color allows you to create lines that hair alone won’t.  It’s a soft, yet concrete way to define the brow without screaming “CHECK OUT MY HAND DRAWN EYEBROW!”

Mostly. I find it therapeutic.  Q tip some color on.  Watch your brows turn color.  Q tip some color off, and go about your day, as if your eyebrows ALWAYS look that magnificent.

But what can I say, I’ve been a brow girl since day one.

Do you color your brows? Would you? Tell me about it!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.