Oh Pore-es Me: The Woes of Large Pores

Large pores got you down? Unfortunately any miracle serum or mask that claims to minimize or shrink pores is nothing more than a jar of false hope.

The size of each pore on each inch of the human body (minus palm and bottoms of feet) is determined by the amount of sebum (oil) that pore excretes.  A large pore means lots of oil.  If that is the case for your face, don’t despair—oil production is one of the many marvels of the human body’s largest organ, increasing the body’s water barrier, keeping us safe and dry.

So instead of hopelessly trying to shrink pores, consider these tips for masking them.

a. Exfoliate.  Exfoliating will prevent clogged pores, which are far more visible than unclogged ones.

b. Prime. Use a shine reducing primer, aka matte, to temporarily level out of tiny pits we call pores.  This will allow for an even make up application, and nearly invisible pores.

My favorite is the Porefessional, by Benefit

c. Clay masks will draw oil from your pores, but over use will cause even more oil production, and the effects of smaller pores are very temporary, so it’s best to use a clay mask in preparation for a special occasion rather than as part of a regular routine.

d. Finishing powder.  Dusting a sheer powder over your finished makeup will not only set your work in place, it will also do any last makeup leveling you need.

Now, who said your pores were too big?

Happy pore refining!

Peace. Love. and bobby pins.



Nuts about Acne: Nutmeg Skincare

It’s time to stop considering nutmeg to be cinnamon’s ugly stepsister that you hide in the back of the spice cabinet because grinding it is less than thrilling. Instead, think of nutmeg as your new best friend in blemish fighting.

This little Indonesian seed is a great anti inflammatory agent with antibacterial properties.

Mix it in a paste with rosewater (which has a pH very close to skin) for a quick calm on effected areas, or mix paste with milk, who’s lactic acid will gently exfoliate as it soothes.

Let either paste sit for fifteen minutes, and enjoy the calm.

Happy seasoning!

Peace. Love. And bobby pins.

Quick Fix: Defrizz in a Pinch

Monday mornings are hard; you snooze as many times as possible and wind up rushing out the door with your bagel half schmered.

If your out the door without hair product or need a quick touch up at the office emulsify a pea sized amount of lotion or Chapstick in your hands and gently smooth down flyaways.

Hair skin and nails are all Keratin composed and have the same pH levels, so if a product can smooth your skin, a dab will smooth your hair in a pinch!

Happy Monday!

Peace. Love. And bobby pins.

Me Oh My: Clarisonic Mia, worth it?

Everyone’s seen the ads, has friends who’ve taken the pricy plunge, and occasionally gaze longingly at the Clarisonic on the overly organized shelves at Sephora. But when it boils down to the price tag, is the Mia worth it?

The answer, is yes! Remember the awesome cleaning power of ultrasonic tooth brushes? Well, the Clarisonic uses the same ultrasonic cleaning power to oscillate away the dirt and grime. Unlike lower end comepetetors, which move in circular motions, the oscillation doesn’t cause skin irritation, and gives a deeper clean.

With specialized brush heads for acne and sensitive skin, everyone can enjoy the benefits of the Clarisonic..

So if your thinking about a cleaning tool and town between drugstore varieties and splurging, for the real, irritation free, deep clean, it’s worth the dough. And if you spend your money on a deep cleaning tool, you can spend less on product—a little cleaner will go a long way.

Happy cleansing!

Peace. Love. And bobby pins.
– Amy

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Desperately Seeking Volume: Voluminous Hair

If your locks aren’t giving you the volume you see on the runway, it’s time for a change in routine (and some good color match extensions).

If hair seems limp, try a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove product buildup and excess dirt and oil weighing tresses down.

If your hair is fine, try a powder for volume, over a spray mousse that will only weigh down delicte strands. Dry shampoo can be a girls best friend for volume!

Try low heat on the blow dryer to puff the cuticle of your hair shaft for added volume.

And don’t forget to use light weight conditioners!

Happy Volumizing!

Peace, love, and bobby pins!


Hi! I have some questions that i was wondering if you could answer. What is the point behind BB creams? and what other benefits does it have as opposed to just normal face washing/moisturizing?

The plus to BB cream is using fewer products/spending less.  Instead of a moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, and treatment cream, you get a single product with all of the benefits.  

It is great for early concerns of anti aging, and also great for women who prefer sheer tints, or quick makeup applications.

hope that helps.

peace. love. and bobby pins.