Friday Mythbusters (Saturday edition) Mad Manis

Did your mother ever tell you “don’t paint your nails all the time, they’ll turn yellow?” Well in the case of this beauty myth your mum is partially correct (yay mom).

Your natural nail plate is made from 100 layers of keratin protien, and is highly porous (hence bendy nails after washing dishes) so it is very likely tha nail polish will stain. They yellowing mom speaks of, however, isn’t from wearing nail polish too frequently, it’s just a sign you should be using a base coat. Base coats are also a girls best friend when she wants to prevent chipping and make DIY nails look like they set her back a quarter of a Benji.

If its too late, tell mom your sorry, and rub a little cuticle remover over the nails to help pull out the stain. (this tip is also killer when you stain your nails with other things like Easter egg dye)

And who knows, maybe next time Mom will be even closer to the truth.

Happy Egg Hunting.
Peace. Love. And Bobby Pins.


Living the High Life: Highlighter

They were awesome accomplices in your textbooks, and have even been know as the center of attention at blacklight parties, but today we’re not talking about the neons in your pencil box, we’re talking the equally amazing highlighter in your makeup bag.

Highlighters are one of the greatest products, because they act as the best personal assistant a girl could ask for. Instead of masking problems, highlighters help show the world your best assests.

If you stayed up late, throwing back one too many margaritas, don’t reach for concealer (which can cake, especially if your skin is dehydrated from a late night) instead dab highlighter over the bags and sags, leaving eyes with a natural looking, reflective glow.

Need a quick transition from day to night, but didn’t have room in your bag for eyeshadow? Tray dabbing highlighter across your lid for a bright, shimmery, and sultry eye that pops.

Really need a good vacation, or just an exfoliation, but haven’t had the time? Fake it with highlighter across the brow and cheek bones for a glowing complexion.

These are only a few instances in which highlighter can be your bff, so give it a go.

Happy Highlighting!
Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins

A Close Shave: Troubles with Razors

Now that we’ve shed our winter coats, it’s time to shed our wooly maines—on our legs. Tired of entering razor bump, stubble trouble season? Try these tips for an easy, dare I say, glamorous shave.

a. Preshave, layer on the Aloe gel to help guarantee a close shave, and keep down potential razor bumps.

b. Shave in the AM. By the end of the day, legs have started to plump up *thanks gravity!* so a morning shave will be closer than an evening shave.

c. If you’re shaving every other day, or even every third, exfoliate on the days off—a good shave is one that is mostly hair, not dead skin cells.

d. Don’t forget to moisturize—shaving off hair and skin disrupts your skin’s water barrier, so add back moisture to prevent scaly, unsightly stems.

Happy Shaving
Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.

Geography 101: Brow Mapping

The only geography lesson more important that mapping the distance between home and the nearest source of caffination is mapping that lovely set of brows that sets your face apart from the mirad of other’s half awake at the coffee bar.

So what is “brow mapping?” In it’s most basic, the theory and practice of mapping the brow ensures that your eyebrow is shaped to best flatter your face, so let’s give it a try:

Point A: Look in the mirror, drawing a line straight up from the side of your nostril closes to the center of the nose. (It’s the crevice most people pierce). This line creates the inner edge of the brow. Make sure to keep it square to avoid tadpole brows that can wind up making your face appear larger.

Point B: Make a diagonal line from the outer corner of the nose, through the outside of your pupil. This should mark the natural high point of your brow. Some have a slightly wider set arch, which will be visible at this step of mapping.

Point C: The final point in your map should be a line from the outside corner of your nose, extending past the outside corner of your eye. This point should be the end of your brow. Pulling brows past this line can make your eyes droop, shorter brows will make your face wider, so follow the map!

Next: Connect the dots! The key to perfect Kim K flawless brows is straight, angular lines. Take small strokes with pencil, powder or wax to fill in brow. Trim excess hair, whax or tweeze strays, and enjoy a whole new you.

Looking for great brow products? My favorite are Browzing by Benefit and Anastasia brow pencil.
And remember, always use a brow color one shade lighter than your natural brow to prevent the drawn on look.

Happy Brow lifting!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Little Know Acid: Linoleic Acid

The most exciting part of the beauty world isn’t the miraculous things you can do to your hair, skin, and nails, but the amazing ingredients you may know little to nothing about at the root of beautification. Today’s little know helping hand is none other than linoleic acid.

Rarely mentioned in the beauty world, this little guy is an omega-6, that is an emollient and emulsifier that helps acne treatment, psoriasis, and sun damage. Like many omegas, it speeds healing, helping your skin’s DNA work to stay younger for longer.

Now, where the heck can this little guy be found? Try increasing your consumption of flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, mustard seeds, what germ, spirulina, and green leafy vegatables.

Guess seeds aren’t just for the birds.

Happy Antiaging!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.