Sweet Feet: Sandal Season

Whether you let a petite woman hailing from eastern Asia drill away at your feet with an illegal exfolliator, or prefer to slough off winter buildup with a pumice stone in the shower, the time has come to prep your piggies for summer. 

Try these easy tips for safe, effective pedicuring.

a. Never use (or let the nail shop down the block use) credo blades, or anything that resembles a cheese grater to remove calloused skin.  Your body goes into over drive if too much callous has been removed, resulting in an even thicker, tougher callous.

b. For extra softness, try a combination of your favorite moisturizer and a few drops of Vitamin E or Jojoa oil—slather on feet before bed, and cover feet with an old pair of socks for softer feet while you sleep.

c. Don’t let a pedicurist cut toenails past the free edge.  If you’re already suffering from an ingrown nail, see your doctor for removal—self or salon imposed infections are too risky to gamble on.

d. Painting your toenails is better for their health! If you’re planning to partake in sandal wearing, dark colored nail polish will act as a sun shield for your toenails—even nails need protection!

e. Exfolliating scrub or a pumice stone used every time you shower will give you a healthier, softer foot, and lets you kill time in the shower while you wait for your conditioner to penetrate your tresses for extra sun protection.

f. If you’re going out for a pedi, make sure you know the stats of the salon—when in doubt, ask to see their foot tub cleaning log (in many states they legally must show any patron who asks).  

g. And don’t forget, you’re little piggies need sunscreen too!

Happy Foot health!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins



SPF Soultions: Pool Worthy Procedures

The greatest thing about warm weather is the opportunity to spend it poolside. The worst thing about warm weather is the possibility of finding yourself crispier than jerk chicken. So, if you plan on taking advantage of the warm weather, try these tips for a burn-free day.

-pick a screen you like withi at least SPF 35. Apply like you would foundation—brush or sponge with make you feel like you’re applying primer, not an intense sun barrier. Do t forget to hit your hairline and part, unless your a fan of peeling scalp.

-cover sunscreen with a mineral based SPF powder. (Bare Minerals makes a great one)
Not only will this mineral veil apply pigment, it will also mattify the sunscreen sheen, and give you another sun shield.

– powder a second time with a translucent to hold everything in place.

Not only with this method give you a natural outdoorsy glow, it will also be less likely to sweat off, causing unsightly streaking, and an all together unglamorous feeling.

Happy sunning!
Peace. Love. And bobby pins.

Hey Amy! You mentioned exfoliating between leg-shave days… what’s your recommended method/tool/product? I recently got a body scrub made from all natural ingredients that leaves my skin feeling oily. Is it supposed to, or is there a better alternative out there that will actually make me feel like it’s cleansing?

Hey anon!
There are scads of exfoliation methods, lets check out some options:

Scrubs: scrubs are probably the quickest and easiest shower exfoliation procedure, but as you’ve seen, some can leave you drenched in oil—if you’re skin doesn’t need all the oil, it won’t all absorb.
To save money and use scrub you’ve already got, try exfoliating and then washing with your shampoo to remove excess oil—that’s what it does to your scalp, why not your legs?

Brushes/scrubbies: both are great, and cut down on product as you ca. Use them with your shampoo or body wash.

Lotions: if you, like I suffer from crazy ingrown hairs and clogged follicles, you can chemically exfoliate with an AHA lotion like Amalactin.

As for scrubs, if you want non oily, daily use scrub, look to the facial care aisle, just make sure to moisturize, as many scrubs for your face pull oil from pores. I love Alba Botanical Detox scrub, and Philosophy’s Microexfoliating Peel.

Happy skin scrubbing!

Peace. Love. And Bobby Pins.

Birthday Suit Blemishes: Kicking Bacne Butt

Now that the weather has changed, baseball season is underway and the hipster duds of cochlea are just a faint memory in your instafeed, it’s time to get serious about the impending onset of summer.

As the burkas come off and the daisy dukes go on, the winter has often left behind an unwanted friend—body blemishes.

Commonly dubbed Bacne, acne on your back or the back of your legs is more common when you spend time bundled up, or in tight clothing. Sweat traps dead skin in follicles, leading to blackheads, whiteheads, and full fledged breakout city.

To take back control of your skin, start by exfoliating mechanically or chemically. Lotions like Amalactin contain AHA that will break down dead skin, preventing pore cloggage.

Use a rotation of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid products. One treats, one helps remove gunk, together they do very little, so rotation is key.

Don’t for get to slather on the SPF—acne fighters increase the chance of sunburn twofold.

Take a break from spanx. Wear looser clothes at the gym, and while you sleep to prevent dead skin from falling back into pores.

In no time, Bacne will just be a dirty word you’ve coined to describe the folds of skin behind the knee.

Happy Exfoliating.

Peace. Love. And bobby pins.

Blushing Beauty: Let it Wear for You

Blush is the tricky trick their either dream are made of or demolished by. Next time you’re about to blush up, consider this awesomely awesome fact:

Blush wears away throughout the day from the lightest place of application to the darkest. Which means, by layering in a few very light applications you’ll wind up with concentration on the apple of the cheek, radiating outwards. At the end of the day, the radiation will be gone, and the apple will have faded slightly, leaving you with a natural glow.

Now, that’s what I call wearing makeup!

Happy blushing.

Peace. Love. And bobby pins

Skincare for the Lazy: Tips so Easy, you Could do Them in Your Sleep

Sometimes you wake up on Tuesday, feeling like it is Monday, and the troubles and turmoil of skincare seems too difficult to trouble yourself with. For days like those, consider this, the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Skincare:

a. Puffy Face? Sleep on an extra pillow to elevate your head, allowing fluid to drain.

b. Soaping up too troublesome at the end of the day? Try a face wipe.  They’re better than nothing, and prevent dirt and oil buildup on your pillowcase. Choose the right variety for your skin troubles: acnesensitive skin, mature skin, or pour some jojoba oil on a kleenex—it will wipe away dirt, excess oil, and makeup while moisturizing your face.

c. Scared of aging, but not scared enough to commit to day cream, night cream, eye cream, lip cream, and every cream inbetween? Start with sunscreen.  A simple daily dose of SPF will prevent future signs of aging.  Also pop a daily Vitamin C pill to boost collagen production, saving your skin’s natural elasticity. 

d. Pimple? Eyedrops will do the same thing to a pimple that they does to your eyes: reduce redness.

These tips are only the beginning of what a little laziness can get you.

Happy Tuesday.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins


Earthly Delights: Planet Friendly Products

You spend the weekend embracing your love for grass, now it’s time to get out of the house and hug a tree, kiss a shrub, cuddle with a nearby patch of moss—earth day is here!

In celebration of the planet, here are some mother earth friendly cosmetics:

a. Lipstick: Zuzu Lux

Limited colors available, but when they say long wear, these hippies mean it. Available at your local Whole Paycheck—I mean, Whole Foods Market.

b. High End: Korres

You wouldn’t expect this fancy schmancy brand to be planet friendly, but all of their ingredients are bidegradable, so no sweating affecting the water table!

c. Skincare: Say Yes To!

For great drugstore price, skin problem specific products derived from fruits and veggies.

d. Tools: Eco Tools

Cruelty-Free, recycled materials, and brushes that get the job done.

e. Drugstore: Physicians Formula Organic Wear

At great prices, PF’s line one 100% organic makeup is great for even the most frugal earth-lover.

f. When all else fails, try DIYing cosmetics with help from bloggers like Crunchy Betty

Happy Earth Day!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins!