Wigging Out: How to Not Wear Wigs Like a CrayCray.

Thanks to the current internet downfall of formal Nickelodeon comedian, Amanda Bynes, not only has my profession as a wig maker/stylist taken a hit, but so have all my home girls in east Oakland  who wear fake hair like a boss.


So, now that faux tresses have become a symbol of women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, where does that leave those of us to can’t get enough of foreign hair on our heads?

If we’re playing Katy Perry at a costume kegger, the standard synthetic wefted wig, made from strips of hair sewn onto a cap (you know the one’s I’m takin’ ’bout) is still an acceptable option.

If you, like I, believe that changing your hair should happen as often as changing your shoes, it’s time to upgrade to high quality synthetics–made from heat resistant super plastics–or the classiest of hairs–human.

If your new head gear comes with bangs, all the better, if not, you HAVE to, HAVE to get a lace front wig.  Lace fronts are essential made of a high quality net that individual hairs are tied into, creating a crazy realistic hairline so you’re not mistaken as a 2 bit drag queen.

So, maybe a full wig is a little more enhancement than you’re looking for, but you want to have Kardashian locks of your own? Sadly, the only option is extensions.  Heartbreaking as it is, 99.9% of glamours Hollywood hair is chalked full of hair enhancements.  Temp. clip in wefts are your best/most affordable choice, and at the end of the evening you can pop out the clips, give the girls a quick comb out, and put them to rest until your next club hob nob. 

At the end of the day, I’m not saying that I now hate my once favorite tweeny comedian, but just that I’m disappointed she’s given my two favorite things–wigs and female comedy–a bad wrap. Here’s hoping she turns things around, especially on her head.

Happy Friday

Peace. love. and Bobby Pins.



Invasion of the Acne Vulgaris: When Pimples Take Over

The division between acne and simple pimples is hazy. While pimples are local infections of Acne Vulgaris bacteria, unlike full blown pizza face break outs, a pimples won't spread, duplicate, have babies on your face, or be more than a mild annoyance, unless you pull out all your pimple fighting ammunition, making matters worse.

So, next time you've got a mound of pus that's taken up real estate on your face, consider these tips to make matters better, instead of worse.

  • Like yo momma always said, don't touch your face. You are not a scientist performing a biopsy on some harmful lesion, you're just a girl, or a guy who's skin is kicking butt at protecting the rest of your body. Touching, poking, and prodding will increase pain, redness, and slow healing.
  • Consider everything in moderation. Acid based spot treatments and tea tree oil are tiny remedies that pack a punch, but over medicating your pimple will cause serious dry skin, peeling, flaking, and a whole mother world of pain and trouble.
  • If it hurts, use a painkiller. A paste of mashed aspirin and water can dry a pimple out faster than you can say “call the Red Cross”.
  • Lay off the makeup. The number one killer for your enemy Acne Vulgaris? Oxygen! So keep your skin clean and air exposed.
  • And remember. To you it feels like a giant volcano has taken up half your face, to the rest of the world, it's just another day and another pimple. We've all been there, so don't sweat it.

Happy anti pimple popping!

Peace. Love. And bobby pins.


Sulfates: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Sulfates are the enemy de jour of current hair care trends, but really, what is their deal?

Sulfates are just long, fancy, chemically compounded words that all mean the same little thing: soap.

Present in dish detergent and shampoos, sulfates are water and oil attracting surfactants that work to remove dirt and oil from the hair and scalp.

While “dangerous” or “harmful” aren’t necessarily the best labels for sulfates, the sulfate free movement is most beneficial to those with sensitive skin, drier scalps, and curlier hair.

Just like Dawn can cut through even the toughest grease, sulfates can pull too much oil from the hair and skin, which for curly haired kids can lead to flat curls and frizz city. Over-stripping of oils can also lead to skin irritation.

However, just because a product exists sans sulfates, doesn’t mean it doesn’t also remove valuable oils. So instead of throwing a panic at the disco, consider the other ingredients on your product label; if a shampoo contains sulfates but is also chocked full of moisturizing ingredients, maybe, just maybe it will replenish some moisture you’re worried about losing.

And remember, we never know if a craze is just a craze or a legitimate health concern for about 10 years, so, little sulfates, the jury is still out.

Happy Sudzing.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


DIY Fragrances: Just Another Use for Popov

While the chemistry of fragrances is a complex art, it’s nothing a kitchen chemist can’t take a stab at.

To make your own scent, you’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Distilled Water
  • Essential Oils

Get yourself a dark glass jar (Whole Foods makes lovely blue ones) and fill it with about one ounce Vodka. Add in anywhere from 10 to 20 drops essential oil(s) of your choice. Mix thoroughly. Store in a cool dry place. Every few days, mix in a dash of distilled water until you’ve mixed in about 2 tablespoons. After about a week, you’re good to go, so spray, dab, or roll on your new science project, and rejoice in the fact that it cost far less than a bottle of Marc Jacobs, Dot.

Happy Chemistry!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Bright Lips: Tips for Summer Accents

Memorial Day signals that summer is upon us, which means white denim, neon tank tops, flip flops, and lipstick.

But, it's hard to tell when lipstick is bright and flirty, or a bold disaster, so consider these points:

  • Bright lips can distract from your eyes, so don't forget some light, defining mascara and liner.
  • Stick to warm pinks, if you have pinky skin, olive tones can get wild with cooler colors.
  • Butters, stains, and glosses are the safest bet for daytime wear–unless you're aiming to play a clown.
  • If you're wearing a statement piece in your outfit, consider pairing with a statement lip.
  • Scared to try bright lips? Combine a stain under a sheer neutral, or pair your fave neutral with a bold lip butter for a subtle punch.

Not sure where to look? Try Mac's sassy lipsticks, Revlon Lip Butters, and Clinique Chubby Stick for starters.


Happy Memorial Day


Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Eyebrows, in 30 Seconds (or Zero)

It's a well known fact that eyebrows can be the most influential facial feature. They make you look old, young, skinny, angry, or scared. The bummer about perfect brows is that they take practice, product, and patience. That is until you decide to go hog wild and get a brow tint.

No longer just a fix for grandma's and toe heads, brow tinting is a quick and easy way to define your brows for weeks at a time.

A visit to your local brow bar, aesthetician, or hairdresser, ten minutes of consultation and a painless procedure later brows are darker, more defined, and pop.

The best part about the semi-permanent tint is that it requires zero brow prep for the next few weeks until your next visit.

It may be a tad costly in the moment, but totally worth the skimping on product in the end.


Give it a shot.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Mythbuster Friday (Saturday Edition) Nail Buffing

Kat asked a few weeks ago “does buffing nails make them stronger?”

Kat–I'm not sure who's mother came of with this, but I'm calling shenanigans on her, right here, right now.


The natural nail plate (aka what we commonly call the nail) is made of about 100 sliver thin layers of keratin protein. Individually, the layers have no strength, but combined they are hard as nails.

The acton of buffing essentially wears down the top layer. Compared to filing, buffing is a better choice–finer grit sandpaper removes fewer layers more gently.

In reality, buffing is ideal for remove ridges or uneven portions of the nail plate, but is by no means a magic trick for increasing nail strength.

Consider a nice buff followed by a strengthening polish or throwing back some nail vitamins for a real strength boost.

Happy Hands!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.