Saving Face: Tips for Scar Coverage

Whether you tripped into the coy pond, we pushed off your bike, or had some killer acne, there’s a pretty good chance there’s a scar somewhere on your face.  And since we can’t all be Seal and embrace our new, sinewy skin, here are some tips for masking your scars with a tad more realism than the Joker.

a. Always exfoliate.  When a wound heels, skin cell production goes into overdrive, workin’ hard to rebuild itself.  Frequent exfoliation keeps scar tissue softer, and allows for makeup to blend more evenly. 

b. Moisturize!  Scar tissues is dryer than your normal skin, by keeping it hydrated, there’s also a better chance of makeup coverage.

c. Concealers are your friend.  For serious, layer worthy coverage, try a paste concealer the same color as your skin surrounding the scar.  Lighter or darker colors will only cause your face to look ridiculous. A paste will also help fill in any facial divots.  My favorites are made by Kryolan.

d. Blending is the key to success.  By using a non latex sponge, a fancy egg shaped blender, or your fingers, dabbing concealer to spread and feather will give the most realistic look.  Blend, layer, blend, layer, step back and take a look, blend, layer, etc.

e. Set the sucker!  Using a setting spray or setting powder will help insure that your face doesn’t start to melt off in the hot summer weather.  

Happy Camouflaging!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Takin’ Care of the TaTas

Whether they’re pea sized or pumpkinesque, chances are some attention is often called to your breasts.  Sometimes its good vibes, sometimes is bad, but rarely is it involving skincare.

Today is the day that should change!

Did you know that sun exposure breaks down the collagen that contributes to sagging?  Did you know there are facials for your chest?

Chest skin is not only thinner than a lot of your body’s, but it is also often neglected in sun protection and exfoliation, resulting in dull, sunspotted, lackluster breasts.  Not the stuff dreams are made of.

So, next time you go outside in a plunging v, slather on some extra spf for the twins sake.

Next time you’re in the shower, exfoliate a little more, and don’t forget to moisturize!

Happy Thursday.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Routines in Acne

Acne is no joke. Pizza faces are no laughing matter.  Especially when you’ve got one. 

Yesterday, as I read an acne-themed tumblr account, I realized just how much of a mystery acne is to even those who suffer from pustule encrusted jawlines. So, if you’re an acne sufferer, consider this:

Sometimes, products (especially sold over the counter) will make your skin worse.  Lousy with ultra drying acids, some acne washes, wipes, pastes, and serums will dry those little pimples so much that it will only cause your skin more irritation and produce more oil.

While plain water does not have the surfactant (soap) ingredients of face cleanser that help oil bond to water, plain water has a secret weapon of it’s own: higher pH.

Distilled water has a pH about 1,000x more alkaline than your skin, meaning that it will open pores.  Once pores open, what kills the dreaded bacteria, acne vulgaris? Oxygen!!! 

Another benefit to plain old h20? It won’t remove oil from the face, meaning that it won’t convince your skin to produce extra oil. 

So, if you find yourself struggling with the acne fighting aisle at Target, try taking a break, rinsing with water, and blotting excess oil with blotting papers.

Like all infections, your body is trying to fight it on it’s own, so sometimes it’s good to give it a fighting chance. 

Happy Sunday.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


I won’t be the first person to tell

I won’t be the first person to tell you that drugstore boxed haircolor is evil. In my hair snobbery I also fully acknowledge that telling people not to use cheap, easily accessable haircolor is crazy. So, rather than telling a child to not pick it’s nose, I thought today we’d talk about the best way to go about said nose pickery.

First, if you don’t want to lighten your hair, always pick a semi over permanent color. It has a lower pH, and is less likely to wreak havoc on your hair. It will also gradually wash out, meaning that if your color selection isn’t the greatest, you’re not stuck with the color of a long time.

Try a color with added oils. Hair’s natural oils are stripped away in the coloring process, leaving hair dull and lifeless (that is after you’ve run out of the box’s ketchup pack of conditioner). Products with oil will protect the hair, and avoid lackluster.

 Avoid black colorants at all costs.  Black is made of all three primary colors, so it’s chalked full of pigment that is very hard to remove from the hair when you’re done being goth.  Instead go for the darkest brown.  It looks just a tad less severe, and 100 times more natural.


Happy Saturday.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Frontline: The Politics of Urban Hair

Front lining, the urban styling of shaving a men’s hairline into crisp, clean lines, or what I like to call, “the art of human topiary”, is a huge portion of the men’s grooming industry that’s either a serious part of your life, or something you’ve never thought about. 

For those who either aren’t in the world of barbering and cosmetology, or aren’t from urban areas, they might even beg to ask, “Why does Denzel Washington’s widows peak come and go? why doesn’t mine.” Front lining baby.

The concept of front lining is most fascinating when it comes to President Obama.  Prior to the midpoint of his first term, the prez had a smooth, sleek, tradition black guy from Chicago hairline. 


Obama with sleekly trimmed front lining.

But, after two years in office, he opted for a softer, clipper free face framing. 


Same general shape, softer hairline.

What does all this nonsense mean, and why should we care?

a. Obama stopped front lining because it’s a habit that needs weekly upkeep.  Be comforted that as the leader of the free world, he’s spending less time on hair care, and more time working, playing basketball, and fathering two future fashionistas.

b. What seems like a subtle change in appearance could really be seen as a political move, attempting to identify less as a member of the urban sector, and more as an everyman.  

Either way, chances are, the subliminal time safer was lost on a large percentage of the population, as it should be.

Happy Hair Lining!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Shaggin’: Making Short Hair Less Awk

Maybe it’s just the season for short hair grow out, or maybe it’s just what we’ve all got on the mind.  Earlier this week, I blathered on about the woes of hair growth, but today was inspired by a coworker with shortish hair, who squealed “Fix my hair!” at me this morning.

So, even if you’re sporting short hair for summer, and plan to grow it out later in the year, here’s some dirt on how to keep it short without it looking awkward.

a. Your hair should be layered (unless your sporting a 1993 one length bob) and once the top layers grow to or below ear length, you loose any volume you ever had at the top of your head.  Keep layers in check not only give you the volume you need to show off your locks, but also keep a cut from looking dated, grown out, or just plain lame. 

b. Simple styling is your friend. If you’ve got enough length, try a mini french braid, some twists, or mix up your part.  These tricks will force your hair to move opposite its growth pattern, again giving volume and something different for the world to look at.

c. Product.  Whether you like wax, powdered wax, mousse, or dry shampoo, get some product in that hair to separate strands and again, create volume.  That’s how celebrities do it, and last time I checked we all want celebrity hair.

d. Don’t forget thermal styling.  Just beacuse your hair is short(ish) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the world of hot tools.  Try super small barrel curlers, or a mini crimper to give your hair a new texture. 

At the end of the day, it all goes back to the cut.  If you don’t have a cut with enough layers and lack of weight, even the shortest hair falls limp and can look like the wrong kind of hobo chic. 


Happy Fathers Day.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Grow Your Hair Out, Like a BOSS

Growing your hair out blows.  Simple as that, but luckily, if you play your cards right, and your styling smart, awkward growth stages can be minimized, and who knows, maybe even played up as stylistic choices.

1. First of all, never forget the great grow out of 2000, when Gwen Stafani wore her short hair in twists and pin curls so that no one could see the mullet she had partying on the backside of her head.  Maybe the style itself is a little past its prime, but there’s no harm in using pins and fairy dust to allude a rockin’ hairstyle instead of an awkward nonstyle.

2. Keep the back short.  The hair in the back will get longer far sooner that the hair on the sides or top of your head, so keeping your neckline trimmed up will prevent mullets, and help you transition to equal length hair.

3. The illusion of length comes from the front perimeter of your face, so longer bangs and wisps make you feel, and the world perceive that your hair is longer. 

4. Thin as it grows.  Either visit your stylist, or invest in texturizing sheers to reduce bulk.  The main reason grow-out feels like a helmet is a lack of texturizing.  Pull hair out at 90 degrees, and texturize about 2-4 inches (depending on hair length) from scalp.  

5. Accessorize.  Head bling can draw focus from even the most awkward of hair stages.

Happy Humpday.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.