The Girl with the Biore Breakout

On Sundays, I love a good bed time story, so today’s is entitled : The Girl Who Wanted Good Skin

There once lived a moderately smart, 20-something female with moderately good skin and a moderate education in cosmetology.  Despite the fact that she knew over exfoliating was a serious world problem, until one sunny day in July, she’d never experienced the horror of destroying her mediocre skin.

After a week of Biore pore strips, shower after shower of microexfoliant, and gross amounts of time spent in traffic manually extracting blackheads, the girl woke up, one sunny day in July, with horribly broken out skin.

Why did this young, bright, stubborn lass suffer such an ill fate? Too much of a good thing.


And, while this story may in fact just be a ghost tale to share at your next campout, the truth of the matter is, no matter how fun it is to look at the forrest of blackheads on a pore strip, spending too much time freeing dead tissue and dirt from your pores can lead to breakouts.

Have no fear, they are temporary.  But be warned.

Happy Exfoliating

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Cocktails for Your Locks: Maximizing Products

It’s no secret I’m a little crazy for cocktails, and whether its a Moscow Mule or the perfect Basil Gimlet, the beauty of cocktails is the perfect flavor combinations.

The same goes for your hair products.

Instead of just using a smooth serum next time  you blow dry, cocktail it with some gel or cream for body to prevent super flat sleek hairs.

When you’re in the mood for bouncy curls, apply mousse at the scalp, and curl cream at the ends to define the individual curls,  finish with a medium hold hairspray.

Into beachy sprays?  Combine with dry shampoo at the roots for extra wild sex hair.

Just like in drinking, the perfect combination will create magic.

Love real cocktails? Check out my partner in crime and I in our new mixology blog!

Happy Drinking!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins!


Walking the Line (The Water Line that is…)

Nothing is sexier than sultry black eyeliner on a hot summer day, except maybe an eye infection.   

While every youtube guru, celebrity, and their mom wear eyeliner practically in their eyeball, doctors say that lining the “water line” just ain’t good for you.  

The barrier from your eye to the outside world is kept constantly moist from lubricating saline, which makes any nonwaterproof product likely to run immediately, and can cause irritation that leads to eyes the water more than your garden hose. 

Those with sensitive skin can develop allergies, clogged tear ducts, and painful inflamation that will prevent you from wearing all forms of eyeliner.

So, instead of the water line, focus on lining your eye in between each lash–which in reality, is the entire purpose of eyeliner.

Because clogged tear ducts just ain’t worth it.

Happy Tuesday.

Peace. Love. Bobby Pins.


Let’s Get Physical *sunscreen*

Maybe it’s the season, or the constant depletion of the ozone layer, but either way sunscreen is generally a topic of controversy.  What SPF really works? Is anything really waterproof? What is this product actually doing to my skin?  What is better, physical or chemical sun shielders?

I may not know all, but here’s some deets on physical vs. chemical sunscreens:

-A physical sunscreen is composed of minerals that actually reflect the sun’s rays, preventing penetration. 

– A chemical screen is composed of chemicals that absorb UV radiation before the skin can absorb it, much like shock absorbents in a car.

-If you’re prone to oily skin, a physical screen might be the way to go, as they are generally powdered.

-If you’re in need of waterproof protection, chemical screen is your best friend. 

-If you worry about how products affect your water table (if you are, I seriously applaud you) physical screen is preferable do to fewer ingredients with pretty pronounceable names. 

When in doubt, try a combo of liquid chemical screen, with a light dusting of physical screening powder to really kiss potential skin cancer goodbye.

Happy Monday!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


How To Not Get Skin Cancer (On Your Hands)

While the gel mani may be all the rage (especially in the summer, who wants to play in the sand when their nails chip in 0.5 seconds? not me.) it ain’t no lie that all that UV light is killing your skin.

In the same way that the UV rays from the sun or tanning booth age and burn your skin, so do the little light machines at the salon, whose sole purpose is to cure the gel in your super long lasting manicure of awesomeness.

So, if you don’t want melanoma on your knuckles, or a really weird knuckle tan line, consider LED curing gel instead.  Light Emitting Diodes do your body no harm (and are super fun to wire if you’re a super science nerd who likes to light things up.)

LED gels are just as long lasting, shiny, and beautiful, and don’t give you cancer.  Awesome? I think so.

Happy Sunday.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Hangin’ Ten: Tips for Sandal Season

Sandal season is in full swing, and that means it’s time to make sure your 10 little piggies are in good form.  However, the trouble with pedicures (much like the trouble with love) is that $#!T can go to hell in a matter of moments.  To avoid a pedi that does more harm than good, consider these tips.

1.  If you’re going to a salon, make sure you know your state’s regulations on sanitation–in the state of California, an establishment is required to show you their pedicure tub cleaning log when asked.  Sure, maybe its a bitchy request, but who wants to catch MRSA?

2. Never use a creto blade or those ridiculous egg shaped cheese graters they sell on QVC to remove calluses.  A callus is your body’s natural defense against pressure that could break the skin.  The more callus you remove, the more grows back. So, unless you want to become a giant calloused foot, watch it with the pumice stone.

3. Prevent ingrown nails by cutting straight across.  Sure, it may not be as cute to have non rounded toenails, but really, who wants laser surgery for a friggin’ ingrown nail?

4. Don’t get scissor happy.  Nipping the dead skin of the cuticle is totes legit.  Nipping the living skin above it (shaped like a little bubble) will cause bleeding, infection, and untimely death. 

5. Don’t forget a base coat to prevent toes from yellowing.  Darker colors will protect your nails from sun exposure more than light colors. 


Happy Pedicuring!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.