What Lies Beneath: Shoe Beauty

When it comes to this business we call beauty, a secret is worth more than a thousand words–it’s usually worth thousands of dollars.  

Whatever tips you keep on the down low, that make the world think you wake smelling of pureed roses and babies giggles, rather than leftover mac and cheese is really what sets humanity apart from our dear friends in the ape kingdom.

So, rather than a secret cream made from gold dust and the exoskeletons of microscopic organisms, let’s get real and talk about feet.

Your feet are pretty dang important.  So are your shoes.  Somewhere between important and attractive, we find a balance and buy shoes that are either very attractive and uncomfortable, very unattractive and rather comfortable, or somewhere in the middle.

Well, thanks to the good ole foot doc, Dr. Scholl, a lady’s toes have never been happier. 

I’m here to tell you that the Dr. Scholl’s for her high heel insole is not only ridiculously comfortable in even the worst foot pain offenders, it’s also a good enough deal that you can afford to outfit your entire collection of hooker heels with the utmost in comfort.

While I snagged mine free from Influenster, you can snag a pair almost anywhere, and here’s a coupon!


Throw back Thursday: Tuesday Edition

The only throwback greater than a short lived reunion of Nsync, is the beauty throwback I got in this week’s Influenster voxbox. 

(Sure it’s a product I got for free, but it’s not like it’s a sponsor, I’m just good at trolling the internet for free stuff)

So, today, when I whipped open the box, I was slightly confused by an NYC eggplant colored shimmer lipgloss, because it’s not 1995, and this is not The Craft,

But then, I realized, it’s not sparkle lip gloss, it’s SPARKLE EYE DUST.  Suddenly it’s no longer 2013, or 1995, it’s 2000, and I’ve just conned my mother into buying me pink sparkle dust at Limited Too because it’s almost makeup, but not really.

I teared up a little as I piled on the sparkle, that in reality isn’t too sparkly, blends well, and would totally kick-a with some Amy W. eyeliner.  

And, while I payed for this product with nothing more than my soul (by promoting it on the internet) the greatest bonus is that is probably wouldn’t cost more than 5 bucks.

So there you go.  An Nsync flashback I’d highly recommend.

Peace. Love. and Lance Bass Bobby Pins.


Wax Off: How to Avoid Waxing Mistakes

Chances are, if you’re a fan of the blogosphere and living in the year 2013, you’re a fan of the DIY.  Maybe it’s because you like to save a buck, or hate the idea of socially interacting with strangers, but there is a chance you either do, or want to wax at home.

Here’s some food for waxing thought:

a.  Hard wax is for places not on your face.  It’s often harder to control, and doesn’t apply as well for nice smooth eyebrows.

b. Always test wax temp on your arm.  The only thing more painful than waxing, is waxing a burnt lip.

c. You only get one shot.  After you apply the wax and peel, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go back over an area again.  You’ll lose a layer of skin, get a really sexy scab, and those closest to you will ask when the leprosy began to develop. Plus it frickin hurts.

d. Don’t DIY for your first time.  Just in the way you don’t want to lose it to another virgin, let a pro wax you once so you get the feel, watch their motions, and in the case of brows–have a professional create shape.

e. Always remember sunscreen and moisturizer when done.  Especially facial waxing. No one wants a sunburn just below the brow.

For more waxing tips:

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Happy Waxing.

(apologies for the summer hiatus)

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.