Lazy Girl’s Guide to DIY Eyebrow Wax

Stop ignoring your brows or waxing beautiful caterpillars into splintered toothpicks with this simple tutorial.
No hot wax, no tears, no trauma, just a little drama. OF THE BROW.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins


Fallen and Can’t Get Up: Beautification for Cold and Flu Season

Whether you’re out enjoying the Fall weather or in bed weathering the storm of mucus in your head, tis the season to fake your good health.


For the ever chapped nostrils, try a little Rosebud Salve to heal chapped skin–the product is also great for frizz taming, chapped lips, unruly brows, and cheek tint, so invest!

For dark eye circles, check our previous post, and nab some NyQuil.

If you’ve got dry flaky, post sick skin, slather your extremities in coconut oil. Not only will it lock in moisture, but it’s antimicrobial saturated fats will help stop the spread of ick. 

Hydrate.  Not only will water flush your system, and make your mother proud, decongestants are crazy dehydrating to your skin.

When in doubt, use your current state as a totally legit excuse to not go out until you’re lookin’ legit.  Works every time. 


What are your feel better tips and tricks?


Happy Weekend.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


Halloween Countdown: Tricks and Treats Around the Web

Greetings Boys and Ghouls, Halloween is a mere 2 weeks away, so to prepare, I’m scrounging up some of my fave Halloween ideas from the interwebs of terror.

1. Brit + Co.’s Pop Culture DIY Costumes

2. ELF and Disney’s Villain Makeup Collection.

Only $10 at Walgreens.

3. MAC + Refinery 29 teach ghoul proof Halloween makeup.

4. Real Simple gets Real Funny with 10 last minute costumes.

Ceiling Fan, or Fan of Congress Raising the Debt Ceiling?

What Halloween links are you digging?  Is your costume good to go, are are you a list minute makeup genius?

Happy Planning,

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


What’s the Deal with Dupes? Makeup for Less

In the makeup biz, who are companies trying to dupe?  Dupe you out of money because the low end product disappoints? Dupe your friends into thinking that you’re rollin’ in benjies because your lipstick that cost $6 looks exactly like a shade that costs $30?  Or are companies just trying to dupe each other?

The answer is simple, no one is trying to dupe anyone.  In fact, many drugstore brands are offshoots of department store labels.  For example, Lancome and L’oreal are both owned by the same company–Lancome costs more because you get the assistance of a makeup artist when it come to color choice and application technique.  

This revelation leads to the age old question: to pay more or to not pay more?

When to pay more:

a. Foundation.  Pay the money to have someone match your skin tone with samples.  I cannot count the number of wasted foundations I have from Target. And now, at Sephora they’ll professionally match your skin tone, thanks to Pantone!

b. Perfumes.  Does anyone really trust the guy at the flea market with $5 Chanel No. 5? PUHLEASE. It’s just rose water and lemon zest. 

c. Heavy duty concealers.  Gotta cover your tat for a family function? Kat Von D’s tattoo cover is where it’s at.  Does a number on all nighter under eye circles too. 


When to splurge:

a. Mascara.  It’s the makeup with the shortest life span, and trust me, no one will know whether you’re wearing Dior Show or Maybelline Great Lash.

b. Trendy Makeup.  Never buy the new color trend from a designer line.  It’s a trend for a reason. 

c. Tools.  Why spend $20 at Sephora for a blackhead extractor when CVS has one for half the price.  Your snooty friends will never know how much you spend on pimple prevention.


So, the moral of the story is this: few people will know or care if you’re wearing a dupe or a name brand product, as long as you wear it well.

For some great dupes, check the following.

The Fashionish

Daily Makeover



Happy Duping.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


The Mask: Every Girl’s Guide to Face Masks

Face masks.  They’re funny.  They’re awkward.  And sometimes they even work.  The problem with slathering your face is some combination of avocado, clay, and cucumbers, is know which mask to slather.

So, here’s a little break down in facial coverage.

1. Clay Mask: Just like the clay in 8th grade art class dried out your fingers, a clay mask dries extra oil from your face.  This kind of mask is best for oily skin, but should be used sparingly–whatever you take away, your skin will reproduce, so use too often and you’ll be oilier than a Meat Lover’s Pizza.

2. Gommage.  Gommage is the interactive mask.  It applies similarly to a clay mask, but when it dries you roll it off of your face, and it exfoliates as your roll.  Perfect for those too lazy to use a mild exfoliant daily.

3. Brightening Masks: Often a mask with glycolic acids