Life without Face Wash, aka the Great Facial Depression of 2013

The last week or so has come and gone, much unlike the impacted pores on my face.  For those unaware, November has been facewash free, and while the first few weeks were oily and pimply, the week after was the perverbial calm after the storm. Or, the calm before the serious storm.  

After an oil lull, came an oil surge, leaving me feeling like a day old pizza box left in the gutter–greasy, dirty, and frankly a little trashy. 

I got out the baking soda to attempt exfoliation, and gave my mug a nice rubdown with a watery paste of sodium bicarbonate.  And let me tell you, Arm and Hammer did it’s job, leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed, but not tight the way traditional products make me feel after a nice lather. 

With another week to go, and some serious work and holiday time to ignite oil production, we shall see if the storm has settled, or is just gearing up for a new pass.


til next face washing.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Monday Deals and Steals (Tuesday Edition)

So maybe Monday has come and gone, and the real deals happened over the weekend, but if you took Veteran’s day as a cue to stay in bed, here’s some great deals you didn’t miss.



1. Saveology. Ready to try nail art, but not ready to commit the big bucks?  Here’s a sizeable kit of nail pens for a low low price of one Andrew Jackson. 

2. Groupon. Finally ready to give epilation a go, but scared to really invest? Groupon’s got your back with a $23 Remington epilator.  Adios armpit hair!

3. Target.  Flat iron’s aren’t cheap, but right now if you get their CHI iron, you get a $5 gift card–more for you, or a gift on your never ending holiday gift list. 

4.Ulta.  Beauty mecca Ulta has release their holiday sets, whether you’re looking for a low cost way to change your look or inspire someone else, for $25-30 it’s totally worth it. 

5. Bath and Body Works. TODAY ONLY is giving away samples of their new perfume with online orders and $1 shipping.  Smells like a good deal. 

6. LUSH. If you’re into organic goodness, LUSH is running a spend $100, get $10 e gift card.  Sounds like a lot, but they’ve got a gret line of xmas and hanukkah goods. 


Did you find any great deals this weekend?  What kind of deals are you looking for this holiday season? Tell me about it in the comments!


Happy Tuesday.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


The Great Face Washing Experiment: Week One

Earlier this week, I introduced my month without facewash.  And now that I’ve been sans face wash for a week, it’s time for an update.

The first three days, I felt like a well oiled frying pan, because my face was producing the same amount of oil as usual, but I wasn’t using a heavy surfactant to remove it. The beauty of the human body, however, is that within four days my oil glands adjusted and started producing less. 

In those days that I like to call Over Oil Production Sucks, or OOPS for short, I did manage to find myself with a few small pimples.  This was also caused by my skins anger that I was no longer removing dead skin for it–no exfoliating!

Now, however, things have mellowed, pimples have dried, and my skin is feeling rather normal, so I’ll beat on, shiny face against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past–when face wash didn’t exist.


Do you ever go sans face washing? How do you handle tiny break outs and a shiny face? Tell me about it in the comments!


Happy Friday.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


The Great Face Washing Experiment of 2013

Recently, I read an ‘insider secret’ about some celebrity woman who does not wash her face. 

Okay. Before making a squeamish face and judging hard core, think about the last time you washed your face.  Did it feel really tight afterwards?  Did you need to moisturize in order to smile? Guess what, washing your face is not supposed to feel like a mild face lift or botox.  

So, per this ‘insider secret’ I’ve begun a 30 day challenge of no face washing.  
Here are the rules.

1. I will rinse my face with water and then moisturize.

2. I will use coconut or jojoba oil to remove makeup or dirty sweat face (if I ever break a sweat…)

3. In this experiment I will avoid heavy makeup, and stick to sensitive skin moisturizer.

…this experiment began 6 days ago, so stay tuned for the weekly updates.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



How do you feel about face wash? Are you as dirty a hippy as I am? Or are you so repulsed you never want to read this blog again?

TELL ME ABOUT IT. in the comments.


Monday Deals and Steals

Halloween is over, the day to celebrate dead has come and gone, and hopefully your hangovers have passed, it’s time to get serious.  The holiday season is upon us, which really means a. you must look good for holiday socializing. b. you are forced by strange traditions to give people gifts. c. you do not want to go broke.

So, here at BTS Beauty, I’m starting a Monday rundown of beauty deals.  Whether they’re for you or a gift, you can’t go wrong.


Groupon: Clarisonic brush heads on sale at 80% off.  Perfect for keepin’ a flaky winter face at bay.

GiltCity: A serious deal on serious skincare with a Say Yes to… deal to die for.

Target: A limited release of Body Shop skincare gift sets.  What’s not to love about smelling like an orange?

Walgreens: Boots No.7 products on sale for 20% off.  Get em before they’re gone!

Sephora: Nar’s just released a holiday cheek palette, and you can get it for a real steal, plus order online for free samples!

What holiday deals have you found so far?

Happy Monday?

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


What’s the Deal With Beauty Subscriptions

Let’s face it.  Getting mail is awesome.  It makes you feel special in a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks kinda way, and not getting mail brings you right back to the third grade and your empty Valentine box.  

So naturally, you love mail, you love beauty products, so why not get a subscription!

Here are top subscriptions and their pro con listage:

1. Birchbox.  I’ll admit I get Birchbox because they have good quality items, and really trendy packages.  Downside? Getting products I don’t need like self tanning wipes.  $10 monthly.

2. Ipsy.  I used to get Ipsy, but it’s not my scene.  If you love glitter eyeshadows and dancing til 3AM, Ipsy is your bag. Literally, every month samples come in a usually adorable makeup bag.  $10 monthly.

3. Glossy Box. Glossy box is for all the classy ladies, and features 5 luxury items a month, drawback? its $21 monthly. 

4. Julep. For the girls that love to paint, Julep delivers monthly nail polish.  Upside? Nail polish has a longer shelf than makeup samples.

5. Beauty Army. Beauty Army is great because it you get to select your monthly samples.  The mystery however, is lost.  But it’s only a $12 monthly fee.

 The long and the short of it is, at the end of the day, for a minimal monthly fee, you’ll wind up with stuff you like, stuff you don’t like, and stuff that kicks around with the dust bunnies under your dressing table because you never use it. 

If you’ll willing to take the plunge, it’s worth it.  If not, consider gathering a group and doing a product swap.  Bring a new item that you really like, they do the same, and trade.  Even better, is a used nail polish swap.  It’s like book club, only better.

Happy November!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.