Easy Peazy DIY Lip Stain

Whether you’re into Benetint, or the classic Revlon lip stains, stains can be a pain.  They’re drying, and while their color may satisfy, their longevity–not so much.  

So instead, consider this my friends: homemade lip stain with a slight sheen and serious moisture, not to mention lasting color.

Too good to be true? Never.

Here’s what you’ll need

Waxelene petroleum alternative jelly (available at health food stores)

Gel Food Coloring (found at craft or baking stores)

A kickass container

A mixing bowl

A spoon or knife

A heat source


Dish out the amount of stain your want into your mixing bowl.  Melt the waxy jelly either 1 min micro or in a double boiler for those too hip to microwave.

Add no more than a pea sized amount of gel.  When they say concentrated, they mean it.  If you purchase online, you can get several colors to mix.  My favorite is Rose–which is actually a hot pink.

Mix the two together until blended.

Pour your awesome new color creation into it’s permanent container.

Refrigerate to harden.

And use.

Beware of kissing the necks of men with white collars–this stain can stain!



Got any great DIY beauty products you love to make?

Excited to give this one a go?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Skin Saver: Country Comfort Savvy

Whether it’s a pimple or something seen only on the creature from the Black Lagoon, Country Comfort Savvy is my secret weapon for skin problems. 

Made with Myrrth, one of Mother Nature’s greatest antiseptics. a combination of coconut oil and goldenseal naturally kill bacterial while moisturizing without adding unnecessary oil.  

Marketed for cuts and abrasions, I love using it for pimples, dry skin, and chapped lips.  It’s pretty much a miracle in a jar, and at less than $10 a pop, you can’t go wrong. 

What are your secret skincare saves?

Ever tried this smart savvy?

Happy Skincaring!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




What to Wear: Baby Rave

Tonight I get to engage in one of those great social occasions that’s only cool in the east bay: a baby shower baby rave.

And while I’m likely to wear a plaid shirt and beanie with an oversized pom-pom (hello babies looooooove pompoms, It’s nice to imagine what I would wear to a rave celebrating babies. 

What baby wouldn’t love an outfit composed of cosmic tights, neon wrist wraps, and sparkle nails? I just hope there are baby sized glow sticks. 

Hope you’re all having a spectacular Monday!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


What would you wear to a baby rave? and what would you gift the baby to be?

What’s On Your Face? The Onset of Perioral Dermatitis

It’s been a long six weeks.  What I thought started as raw nostrils from an early December cold, slowly grew into an uncomfortable rash around my nose.  For a while I was able to keep the bumps at bay with minimal face washing (I’m totes a pro now) and some Country Comfort Salve—pretty much Lauren Ingalls Wilder’s gift to skin.

Unfortunately, fast forward five weeks, and things started to get scary, as the rash spread to my chin.

I grabbed some antibiotic ointment and topical steroid to stop to burning that had developed, and headed to the dr.

Fifteen minutes later, and I’ve got Perioral Dermatitis.  Seen in women ages 20-45 (aka still riding the crimson wave) and has no know cause or no know cure.

A cousin to Rosacea, PD is basically a bastard child of acne, and eczema—leaving one’s face with red flaky papule ridden skin from the nose to the mouth, often in an incredibly attractive goatee design.

Despite the fact that it “has no cause” there are factors folks say bring it on:

Floride toothpaste

SLS allergy


And all around fun lifestyles.

And let’s not forget: steroid cream.  So now my pizza goatee looks about 50x worse than it did before I attempted to calm the burn with Cortisone.

Fast forward a few more days, and let’s just say the prescribed antibiotic ointment has done nothing as the lovely goatee is headed for full on wholly mammoth beard.

We’ll see how it goes.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


How do you deal with confusing skin problems?

Got any great tips?

Share in the comments!

New Year, New Us

Now that January is basically half over, Valentine’s garlands are on sale, and resolutions have been made and broken, it’s time to return to Behind the Scenes Beauty.

For the new year—year two for this toddler of a blog, I’ve got new plans and resolutions of my own to share. 

1. I want more questions.  Got a beauty question, throw it this way—the joy of beauty is figuring out why, and how the body works with different products, techniques, ailments, and foods. 

2.  I think it’s time to expand, so maybe BTS Beauty will also share tips, tricks, and notions about lifestyles of lazy goods.

3.  I want to know what you want to know.  Tell me. Please.

4. I want to spend more time investigating connections between beauty and health.  This week, I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, which will likely be an ongoing topic.

5. Most importantly I want to develop a stronger relationship with readers. That means you.

So to all I wish a happy and healthy new year, and can’t wait to get the ball rollin’

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.


What were your beauty resolutions?  What do you want to learn this year? Share in the comments!