No!No! Yes?Yes? Maybe…Maybe…

An actor recently asked me what I thought about the no!no! hair removal system.  As a person a. without television b. who generally only buys beauty supplies for license only retailers, I had no idea what the no!no! was.

So, from the vast regions of the internet (aka 10 minutes on Google) this is what I’ve learned.

Unlike methods of epilation–pulling the hair from the root, or laser and electrolysis, the no!no! uses a different method of heat technology to burn the hair.  You’ll no it’s working when you can smell the putrid scent of burning hair.  This seems slightly problematic when you’re trying to remove your lady mustache.

Like any hair removal system, the no!no! requires a long term time commitment.

Hair growth occurs in three stages—anagen, catagen, and telogen–growing, resting, and shedding, at not all of our hair is in the same phase at the same time.  Otherwise we’d have some serious balding moments.  Because hair is all at a different stage in it’s growth, it takes a long time to remove it all.

The major plus of the no!no! is it’s pain free claim.  Personally, I’m a huge fan of epilation–I find ripping hair from it’s root very therapeutic, but it does hurt.  If there is an alternative with similar results and zero irritation, then maybe it’s the right answer.

I don’t (k)no!(w)

Have you tried the heated hair removal system? What are your thoughts?




And The Oscar Goes To…

This is how it feels,

When a whole lotta mustaches win an Oscar!

Because, even prepubescent penciled on staches deserve some love.

And sometimes it nice to know that the powers that be value artificial facial hair over body paint.




How to Spend 94.5 Million

Some days there’s too much work to do to write on the internet about the integumentary system, so in those moments, I leave you, poor dear readers with the second installment of my new youtube series The A Minus Team.


I promise to stop vlogging about Christian Grey soon.



2.14.15, or All I Can Muster

Because sometimes, it’s easier said with a video, and sometimes there’s a lot more to me than just a beauty blog…

Hope everyone out there is having a lovely  V Day weekend.



And apologies to folks who’ve already been forced to witness this rage.




Get to the Point of Sore Muscles: The Trigger Wheel

A while back, I wrote about the joys of foam rolling, but what do you do for all the spots your roller can’t massage?

The answer is in this small contraption…

The Trigger Wheel! 

Not to be confused with the the engine part, the stick trigger wheel is the ideal companion to the foam roller.  The small disc rotates to massage neck, shoulders, arms, and even the back of your head.

Using the trigger wheel is not only therapeutic and relaxing, but after a workout can prevent tiny muscle tears that occur when you’ve over exerted.  It also reduces pain and can help move lymph fluid.

My favorite part about the trigger wheel is its portability!

So get rollin’.

What are your thoughts? Have you trigger wheeled? Would you give this little guy a shot?



What Your Wardrobe’s Missing: A Stable of Glasses

A few weeks ago, there was a cocktail party discussion about how one should have a “stable of glasses.”  This equestrian reference made me giggle, but the sentiments ring true:  a modern man or woman should have a collection of eyewear to suit their needs, moods, and fashion choices.

Personally, I’ve had a stable of glasses for several years, for 2 reasons:

1. I’m notorious for taking my glasses off when looking at something up close, and never putting them back on.  I create a literal trail of eyewear. (clearly navigating blindly doesn’t phase me)

2. I feel really stupid walking around my house in sweat pants and vintage cat eye glasses, though I’m sure it entertains my housemates.

The greatest thing about the stable of glasses is that glasses shopping ain’t like it used to be. Between online shopping and BOGO deals, it’s rather affordable to build a collection.  So what are you waiting for?

What are your thoughts on having a wardrobe of eyewear?  Where do go for your specs? Warby Parker?

Tell me about it in the comments!





Lips Rejoice! There’s Been a Lip Smacking Clarification

Huzzah! Thursday, you bring such glorious news–Bonne Bell, which was rumored to be closing, has issued new statements, to reassure lips everywhere will still be able to get Lip Smackers, despite Bonne Bell’s new ownership.  So have no fear, the gateway drug to cosmetics addiction will live on!

This alone, is a reason to celebrate!  I’d also hope those 91 makers of the glorious lip chap will get to keep their jobs. Fingers crossed.

In equally good news, tomorrow is Friday, which is like…

Retrograde be damned, things are looking up!