Smart Phone Posh Style

One of my coworkers has gotten serious about selling on Poshmark.  What started as a venture to clear out some stuff to move has turned into an obsession that has even led her to buy discounted items and flip them on the app.  (note: she’s already a crazy entrepreneur, so the challenges of this app are perfect for her.)

So naturally, this got me curious, and I joined last week.  I wouldn’t say I’m in the market to buy, but am into the idea of sharing items people are selling with other members.  I also am rather vain in the fact that in a week I’ve received far more followers than I have on other forms of social media, because people would rather sell me their stuff than listen to funny things I say on Twitter.  But, hey, that’s okay.  This week I sold a good pair of Berks that I never wear, and more than anything it was pretty easy, and I’m getting them out of my hair.

The best part of apps like this is that no one is telling me my stuff sucks–unlike Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange or any other consignment, there’s not a super posh girl who’s probably still an undergrad with rich parents paying for her apartment downtown telling me my clothes are worthless–there is a chance that someone out there, on the internet that wants the stuff I no longer need.  And that, is pretty gratifying.

And sure, it empowers women to change their style more frequently, for less money, and majorly reduces waste, so what’s not to like?


Do you Poshmark? What are your thoughts?

Tell me about it in the comments!




The Light Bulb Effect

I’ve recently begun a conversion to LED bulbs.  Sure, they’re wildly expensive, but they use less energy and last longer.  They real reason I wanted to switch?  An irrational fear of skin cancer.  So to stop my one (of many, no really, there are SO MANY) irrational fear, and to prevent others, let’s take a second to talk about lightbulbs and skin!

We all know that the UVA and UVB rays from the sun cause skin damage that makes us spotty and wrinkles, and often gives us cancer, but did you know that light bulbs emit UV rays as well?

Sure, the ones at the salon that dry your nails are UV lights intended to cure your nail polish and age your hands, but even your household curly Q compact fluorescents emit UV rays.

But don’t panic at the disco quite yet–the rays are minimal.  We’re talking you’d need to stand within a few feet of the lightbulb long term to face any affects you’d see from say, sun damage.

But hey, if you ask me, it’s just one more reason to switch to LED–which emit less UV radiation.  Or maybe it’s another reason to get serious about your sunscreen routine?

Either way, turn off the lights, before the cat get’s a sunburn…