Water Water Everywhere…Oh Wait–How the Drought can Help Your Beauty Routine

Whether you’re in the land of drought ridden sunshine (AKA California) or are aware of the situation purely via the internet, I’d like you to consider how less water could not only make you a better person, but also make you look like a better person.

1. Less Shampooing. Showers in the Golden State are being cut short, so nobody’s got time to shampoo every day.  You’re hair is already thanking you.  After a few weeks of brushing the natural oil off of your scalp to prevent greasy roots, your hair will be shinier, and no one will know it’s not the Pantene Pro V.

When in doubt, Invest in some dry shampoo.  It speaks volumes. At the roots.

2. Dry Legs.  All that hot, steamy bathing can dry out those legs like nobody’s business.  But, considering it’s summer, try the old school dry shave with a thick and creamy lotion.  The razor will exfoliate skin while the lotion moisturizes.  And no need to rinse off when your done, just wipe away excess lotion.

As for the rest of your skin, it will thank you for take time away from showering, and maybe you’ll throw it a bone and moisturize more.

3. Beachy Hair.  Tis the season.  When it doubt, got for a quick dip, and your hair will look infinitely cooler than it did before.

4. Cuticles.  Not that you should wash your hands less, per say, but maybe don’t dilly dally.  A little less time under the faucet will prevent cuticle from drying out as quickly.

5. Facial Cleansing Wipes. This is your perfect excuse to using facial cleansing wipes at night instead of wasting H20 twice a day on your mug.  There are some great lines out there that even have exfoliating beads on them to rid yourself of the daily grime.

6. Embrace the fact that you’re switching things up for the greater good, as well as the good of your body.  It’s a twofer. Enjoy.

Peace. Love. Bobby Pins.