Unicorns Cried on my Pillow, or Why Your Hair Color Bleeds in Your Sleep

The age of funky hair color is not ending anytime soon. Whether you’ve got mermaid hair or sporting one of the many looks of Katy Perry, rainbow locks aren’t going anywhere.

They may, however, color more of your life than you bargained for–clothing, bathtubs, towels and pillowcases and any other porous surfaces that come in contact with your noggin–but whyyyyyy?

1. Most funky colors are a semi permanent.  Semi’s are a little different because they don’t use a developer, meaning most of the color molecules cling to the outside of the hair, literally staining the hair strand. When hair is wet, either after washing or when sweating, the color can simply wash away.

2. Maaaaaybe when you color it you don’t fulling rinse the first time.  It’s happened to all of us. Don’t sweat it when a little rubs off on your bath towel

3. Bleaching your hair has weakened its outer cuticle layer, allowing color to literally fall out when water passes through the hair.

Here’s the thing–

Cooling and drying hair closes the cuticle, and keeps color hangin’ tight.  Moisture and heat open the cuticle, causing color loss, and that’s the miracle of trichology.

Luckily there are a few tips for minimizing color leakage.

1. Dry hair before bed, and be careful when dressing.

2. Coat hair is a hair oil to help seal in color, AND replenish moisture.

3. Or try a silicone coating heat protectant. 

4. Your best bet is wrapping your head in a silk scarf that will keep color in and prevent hair from drying out. (a cotton scarf will have the opposite effect)

When all is said and done a little extra care means no crying over a rainbow bathtub.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




Living the Dream, One Head at a Time

Hair loss is one of the most detrimental experiences that women experience every day. Whether it is caused by chemo, autoimmune disorders or stress, losing your hair is no laughing matter.

Luckily, there are amazing people out there who are committed to helping men and women regain their confidence through the art of hair pieces and wigs.  NY wig maker extraordinaire Merria Dearman is one of those magical humans.

It’s so rare that I’ll give a shout out to an individual, but Merria is kicking ass and taking names in the world of hair.

She’s currently running an Indigogo campaign to begin manufacturing hair pieces for the masses, which is so freaking cool.

If you’ve ever found more hair in the shower drain than you could imagine, or watched a loved one go through horrendous store bought wigs during cancer treatment, consider throwing a Jackson or two her way.

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



No Hair, Don’t Care–How to Make Less Hair Look Like More

Yesterday I had the privilege of working with an actor who is currently sporting a bob, but is used to much longer tresses. For a photoshoot, however, we were tasked with a grecian updo that in the real world would require 4x the hair.

So, what to do to make less look like more?

1. Get out the teasing comb.  Teasing ain’t just for your grandma’s weekly roller set.  Gently tease hair at the root to create volume and the illusion of more hair per square inch.

2.  Befriend the dry shampoo.  Spray it at the root, shake, repeat if necessary.  It will bulk up strands and create lift while removing oil.

3. Pick up a volumizing shampoo or conditioner–they container lighter silicones to help pump up hair, instead of heavier products that will cause a floppy mop.

Got other tips for creating hair that isn’t there? Let me know!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



What’s Happened to My Face, or Everybody Poops

We’re all familiar with the fact that everybody poops.  If not I highly recommend the children’s book, it’s rather informative.

So, when considering this fact of life, consider how your digestive system is affected by various foods.  Fiber full veggies and complex grains for dinner and all is well in the realm of intestines.  Doritos, Froyo, and a box of Hot Tamales, and your digestive systems wants to know what it ever did to deserve this.

What does any of this have to do with your face?  Skin is our body’s largest organ.  Don’t tell the others, they’re supremely jealous.  And, other than functioning as a water proof barrier, cooling system, and our best way to absorb vitamin D, the skin’s job is also to excrete waste.

It’s not joke that in high school people said you’d get more pimples if you ate more pizza.  It’s also no joke that when you decide to go on a cleanse of any type, your skin goes haywire.

Pores work to rid your body of waste, just like your intestines, so, next time you think your skin is looking a little crazy, take another look at your dinner plate, or more likely your snacking habits.

The best thing, however about the skin, is that it’s always changing, so increasing your water intake, exfoliating, and taking a little more care in what’s for lunch, and your skin will be so proud to be your largest organ.

(Just don’t forget the sunscreen…)

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.