High Brow–Why I Color Color my Brows

I was born with hair on my face that rivaled caricature of a Brooke Shields/Groucho Marks mashup.   We’re talking magnificent heavy, black eyebrows, plastered on an olivey, light haired bundle of joy.

In my toddler years, I was practically blonde, while little black caterpillars sat, expressively above my eyes.  As I got older, my hair darkened, but always remained a good 2 levels of color lighter than my brows.

Naturally, this eventually led to a middle school unibrow that I had no idea how to manicure, as the caterpillars on my face became even larger and fatter, little blobs of hair that had grow into a single strip, like the angry girl on Hey Arnold.

Poor Helga…


See, Helga and I could be twins!

Years later, I learned that darker eye brows actually make a woman look younger, which could explain why my pilates instructor thinks I’m 19, despite the fact that I’m nearing 30 (Also RETINOL).

But, this is all just the brow back story that leads me to run to the preverbal internet rooftops and scream “I Color my Brows, You Should Too!”

It began, in cosmetology school, when a classmate (who’s a higher up at Benefit Cosmetics, and therefore LEGIT) suggested tinting my brows.  They’re so black, I didn’t understand why I should bother. But the transformation was magical…


Before Brow


After Brow

1. I like to add a little blue or purple to the brow for extra intensity.  This compliments my purple/pink/whatever pastel it happens to be today hair.

2. I have at least 2 white eyebrows and I’m under thirty. Please tell no one this secret.

3. Coloring hair changes its texture, often making hair a little finer and more manageable, which is IDEAL for my wicked crazy cornstalk brows.

4. For a while, your skin is tinted, which is essentially the same effect of filling in your brows, but perfect for lazy people who don’t actually care to put makeup on their eyebrows every day.

5. Color allows you to create lines that hair alone won’t.  It’s a soft, yet concrete way to define the brow without screaming “CHECK OUT MY HAND DRAWN EYEBROW!”

Mostly. I find it therapeutic.  Q tip some color on.  Watch your brows turn color.  Q tip some color off, and go about your day, as if your eyebrows ALWAYS look that magnificent.

But what can I say, I’ve been a brow girl since day one.

Do you color your brows? Would you? Tell me about it!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




Beachy Hair at the Office–Or Please Bury me with This Product

I’ve recently partnered with Beauty Spin, a beauty supply warehouse that has great prices, discount fragrances, and a free gift with every order! But really, let’s talk about this fab Schwarzkopf Osis spray I’m testing today, for the ultimate beach hair at the office. I’ve been a fan of Schwarzkopf since cosmetology school because their products are light weight, smell great, and give you a lot of bang for your buck, this 1 Hold Style Shifter is no exception! The light weight spray went on my dry, chemically fried hair like a dream.  Imagine trying to create a hairstyle out of cirrus clouds–that is what my baby fine color treated hair is like to work with. It often ends in fits of rage, and hair pulling, which only makes matters worse. Luckily it was no problem for Osis–the fine mist of texture spray helped my hair curl into beautiful beachy wisps, and has an amazing smell, that’s a serious throwback to a beach spray that Paul Mitchell made in the early 2002s–it’s a little bit pina colada, and a tad floral, ideal for the summer mindset. The level 1 hold leaves hair flexible, but is not so weak that my tresses will fall flat before lunchtime–casual chic, oceanside bed head will take me through the day without fail. Overall, it’s a win, now all I’m missing is my bikini and cabana boy! Do you ever shop Beauty Spin?  How about Osis products? Tell me about it in the comments! Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins. xoxo A

A light beachy wave to distract coworkers from my sleep deprived state.

A light beachy wave to distract coworkers from my sleep deprived state.

Let’s Retinol Tonight! How to Squash Wrinkles in Your Sleep

There is nothing quite as depressing as the formation of wrinkles coupled with the overwhelming number of wrinkle creams on the market.

Luckily, the one ingredient you need in your life is retinol.  Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative that increases cell turnover and visibly fights the signs of aging with much better success than other topical treatments.  It will boost collagen production and, over time, reduce the size of wrinkles.

If the drugstore aisles and the Macy’s makeup counters are overwhelming and you want the most bang for your buck, get a prescription retinol cream from your dermatologist.  It could run you about a Benji a bottle, but will last longer than other creams available at the same price point.

Don’t believe the Retinol horror stories you’ve heard–the stuff can be a little harsh, but when you start with a low dose, and if you’re nervous, monitor treatment through your derm, the benefits will be worth it!

If you’re not ready to try prescription strength treatment, start slow (which is best for sensitive skined souls) with something mild from the drug store. Start with ingredients reading retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate, and retinyl linoleate, and later graduate to the stronger retinol or Retin-A.  Most of these introductory treatments will cost you less than 50 bucks a tube.

Roc Sensitive Skin is my fave gateway Retinol cream!

Results are not immediate. Topical treatments are not an instant wrinkle remover.  Redness can occur, and skin may peel, but that is natural with the retinol process.

So, it’s time to stop washing your cash down the drain with endless serums and moisturizers, and switch to a retinol routine!

Got a fave retinol? Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Sleeping Beauty and the Beast–The Risk of Induced Beauty Sleep

Everyone does it occasionally–pop this or that, natural or synthetic, to try and lull yourself to the happy place of dream land for a descent night’s sleep.  Whether it’s so you can function properly at work the next day, or because you know your skin will look better if you can just achieve the optimal 8 hours slumber, you may want to consider the following before selecting your sleep drug of choice.

1. Benadryl is one of the oldest allergy medicines on the market, so unless you’re allergic, its a pretty safe bet.

2. Melatonin is created by your body at sleep time, but taking more than 1 milligram of melatonin to help sleep can actually increase depression.

3. Lavender oil sprinkled on your pillow is an excellent way to lull you to sleep without the assistance of pill popping.

4. If you need your electronics at bed time, make sure you’ve switched their screens to filter out blue light.  Blue light wakes up our brains, confusing our bodies and stopping melatonin production.  For iPhone, you may have to jailbreak them to filter out blue light, androids have an app, and there’s a great night time program for computers that eases you into yellow light as bedtime approaches.

What are you sleep remedies? Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



BRONDE, Or How Blake Lively Convinced the Internet Her Hair was Special

The internet loves Blake Lively’s hair.  Whether is was the time she has perfect “natural” ombre whilst pregnant, or every single episode of Gossip Girl, the web goes gaga for those tresses.

Adorable photo via Lively’s instafeed.

Today was no exception when headlines were made with Blake’s new do–a level 5-7 caramel concoction dubbed “bronde.”

Apparently, bronde is the new hip color.  We’ll let me tell you, there is nothing new about it.  Take a light chestnut, some caramel highlights, and throw in a little ash to tone down the red base and you’ve got a recipe that colorist have used for years.  But that’s the beauty of beauty, thanks to our gal pal Blake, we’ve got a whole new branding on good ole hair.

So you’re tired of your ombre and highlights and want to get bronde with it?  You’ll want a semiperminant glaze in a level 6 or 7 to casually gloss over the blonde with sheer color, like this John Frieda glaze, and color refresh gloss.

Next thing you know, you and your tortoise hair will snag your own Ryan Reynolds…

Derm 911–Recovering from Holiday Sunburns

So, it happened.  You spaced out and hand an epic holiday weekend that resulted in a minor hangover and MAJOR sunburn.  Before you go into a tailspin of future skin cancer shame, know that while you’ve maybe increased your risk for the future, you’ve learned your lesson, and will do better next time.

Yesterday happened. You can’t take it back.

So let’s treat that sunburn!

1. Pop your aloe vera gel into the fridge.  The cooled aloe will soothe more than room temp goo. And pop some ibuprofen to take the edge off.

2. Stay hydrated.  You’ve turned yourself into an overcooked chicken, so the more you hydrate the happier your new skin cells will be.

3. Moisturize.  Go for a fragrance free moisturizer with few bells and whistles to prevent possible irritation. Or coconut oil and cocoa butter for basic hydration.

4. Avoid hot showers and sunlight, they will only make matters worse.

5. Next time, just don’t forget about it!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.



Unbreak the Bank–Tips on Saving Money on Beauty NOW

It’s that time of month.  Rent has been paid and it’s a holiday weekend.  You’re scared to look at your credit card balance, but you’re jonesing for a new patriotic crop top, and forsee hangover  brunch on Sunday’s horizon.

 This is how I feel, when Chase sends me a notification that my payment is due.

Have no fear, here are some easy tips to save now, and spend later when it comes to beauty and cosmetics.

1. Got unopened products? Good old ebay is a gold mine for unused cosmetics.

2. Need a highlighter for some extra luminosity over the holiday weekend? Try mixing a little gold or bronze eyeshadow with a few drops of coconut oil to make your own!  You can play with the saturation for more or less sparkle.

3. Don’t buy facial or body scrubs to stuff away summer’s dry skin–instead add some granulated sugar to cleansers already living in your shower.

4. Double your consumables–if you cut your cotton rounds, sponges, wipes, and wipes in half, you’ve instantly cut their cost.

5. If you’ve got the room, and initial funds, buy in bulk.  You will, after all, need that deodorant next month, three months from now, and probably next year.  Unless there’s so major scientific advancement on the horizon to stop the smell of sweat…

As you can see, it’s just the little things that, added up, make a big different.  Just like adding up the daily lattes, lunches at Whole Foods, and cocktails get you into this monthly bind in the first place.

Thoughts? What are your great savings tips when it comes to beauty?

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.