High Brow–Why I Color Color my Brows

I was born with hair on my face that rivaled caricature of a Brooke Shields/Groucho Marks mashup.   We’re talking magnificent heavy, black eyebrows, plastered on an olivey, light haired bundle of joy.

In my toddler years, I was practically blonde, while little black caterpillars sat, expressively above my eyes.  As I got older, my hair darkened, but always remained a good 2 levels of color lighter than my brows.

Naturally, this eventually led to a middle school unibrow that I had no idea how to manicure, as the caterpillars on my face became even larger and fatter, little blobs of hair that had grow into a single strip, like the angry girl on Hey Arnold.

Poor Helga…


See, Helga and I could be twins!

Years later, I learned that darker eye brows actually make a woman look younger, which could explain why my pilates instructor thinks I’m 19, despite the fact that I’m nearing 30 (Also RETINOL).

But, this is all just the brow back story that leads me to run to the preverbal internet rooftops and scream “I Color my Brows, You Should Too!”

It began, in cosmetology school, when a classmate (who’s a higher up at Benefit Cosmetics, and therefore LEGIT) suggested tinting my brows.  They’re so black, I didn’t understand why I should bother. But the transformation was magical…


Before Brow


After Brow

1. I like to add a little blue or purple to the brow for extra intensity.  This compliments my purple/pink/whatever pastel it happens to be today hair.

2. I have at least 2 white eyebrows and I’m under thirty. Please tell no one this secret.

3. Coloring hair changes its texture, often making hair a little finer and more manageable, which is IDEAL for my wicked crazy cornstalk brows.

4. For a while, your skin is tinted, which is essentially the same effect of filling in your brows, but perfect for lazy people who don’t actually care to put makeup on their eyebrows every day.

5. Color allows you to create lines that hair alone won’t.  It’s a soft, yet concrete way to define the brow without screaming “CHECK OUT MY HAND DRAWN EYEBROW!”

Mostly. I find it therapeutic.  Q tip some color on.  Watch your brows turn color.  Q tip some color off, and go about your day, as if your eyebrows ALWAYS look that magnificent.

But what can I say, I’ve been a brow girl since day one.

Do you color your brows? Would you? Tell me about it!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




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