Pro Tips for Hiding Your Peeling Face–Or the Reality of Retinol

Pardon Me While I Hide I my Caricature Forever.

Pardon Me While I Hide I my Caricature Forever.

A few weeks ago, I talked the joys and sorrows or Retinol.  Well, friends, the time has come that my new tube of super strength wrinkle bashing Retinol cream has lead to skin peeling.  Now, before you streak in terror, don’t forget that the peeling is a good sign!  It means my skin cells are turning over, and maybe, just maybe after I’m done shedding my summer skin, I’ll be less prematurely aged!

But, until then, I’ve come up with a few tactics to hide the face flaking.


1. Only wear sunglasses to hide the largest part of your face, while still looking totally glam.  Warning–this starts to look awkward/suspicious indoors.

IMG_6826 2. When the glasses do finally come off, reveal some killer white eye liner, which will make people look deep into your eye balls, and spend at time looking at your face wondering why a perfectly normal girl from the burbs is wearing white eyeliner. This is not as issue of W.
IMG_68253. Use your hair to your advantage, and push it all in your face a la Emo Teens and Ringo Starr.  The Less face you can see, the better.

Okay. Okay. I jest.  In reality, to get through these literal rough times, I suggest mild exfoliation, a moisturizing mask, and slapping on some Skin Food for relief.

This too shall pass.

What are your retinol feelings?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




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