How to Save Money and Have Celebrity Level Eyebrows: DIY Eyebrow Tinting

I recently wrote a popular piece on why I tint my eyebrows, and guess what, you can tint your eyebrows too!  Here’s my easy DIY eyebrow tinting tutorial.

What you'll need.

What you’ll need.

Okay, to you get started, you need the ingredients doodle above.  Here’ what I use.


Wella Color Touch.


Color Touch 6 Vol. Developer.

You’ll need a two part demi permanent cream color.  That means, that you need a tube of color, as well as a milky white developer that has a volume of 6 or 10.  Anything above that will permenantly tint your brows, which can lead to fading, and ultimately orange brows.

As a licensed cosmetologist, I hold the keys to the Emerald City of professional hair color purchasing, but I’d recommend these color options from the internet…



I mix two colors, a dark brown, and an added blue for intensity.  As a beginning, swatch a hair color that is closest to what your eyebrows look like naturally, or the color of your eyebrow pencil/powder.


Dabs of 2 colors and my collection of Q tips.

You don’t want much color, you’ll just waste it.  Then add developer–just a small dollop. The runnier the color, the more danger it poses buy running into your eye!


Developer added.

Mix ingredients thoroughly with Q tip, and apply liberally to brow.


Start in the center, and work toward the tail.

Remember, you’re applying color near your eye, so don’t leave any excess that could drip.


Clean up outside edges with clean Q tip.

Clean around the edges with a dry Q tip. Don’t add water! Water leads to drips.


Look like a crazy person while the color processes!

It will only take about 10 minutes for color to process. Perfect time for some crazy-eyed selfies.

Remove color with a DRY towel.  I generally use a few paper towels.  Make sure to scrape all color residue out of brows before rinsing.  Then feel free to wash your face normally, and use a little face scrub on any skin that’s colored.

Without vigorous washing, your brow color would fade gradually over 3-4 weeks, and people would constantly wonder why your brows are so on point. The initial color investment will run about $20, but store your color and developer tightly closed in a cool, dark location, and you can keep coloring your brows for a good year or two! Think of all the trips to the esthetician you’ll get to skip, and brow pencils you’ll spare.


Boom. Brow Perfect.

Do you tint your eyebrows? Think you’ll try now?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace. Love. and Bobby Pins.




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