Frequently Asked Questions

a. Are you a beauty expert, or did you just learn this stuff on the internet?

  • I did in fact attend school for cosmetology, which by no means makes me an expert, just educated.

b. Do you get paid by the companies whose products you write about?

  • Currently, no. I write about products I think are rad.

c. How do you know all this stuff?

  • I read. A lot. I highly recommend it.

d. Can I guest write for Behind the Scenes Beauty?

  • Heck yes. I love guests.  Especially when I don’t have to feed them.  Shoot me an email @

e. What is your day job?

  • I work for a LORT theater in the Bay Area, in costumes, wigs, and makeup.  It means buying lots of expensive underwear and tattoo concealer.

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